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Ohmygoodness. I am way too excited to be sharing this with you today! Makeup. I have always loved makeup. I remember watching movies as a little girl and finding myself focusing so much on a female character’s eyeshadow or lip color that I sometimes wouldn’t be able to follow the movie’s plotline! I also remember my very first real lipstick. It was Almay. The color was Fawn. It was super 90s and probably a little too dark for me, but I shamelessly wore it every day anyway.

Back to present day. I am still just as obsessed with makeup as I was back then, but I am a whole lot better at applying it- thank goodness! I’ve also learned a few tricks here and there and have a list of must-have products that I always keep in my makeup stash. One of my favorite products is my NYX Slim Eye Pencil in the color Taupe.

NYX Slim EL Taupe
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Clearly, it is an eyeliner and while I don’t mind using it as one, there are three other ways I prefer incorporating it into my makeup routine!

My favorite way to wear it is as a lip liner! Now, I do not recommend using the same pencil on different parts of your face, especially lips to eyes, so if you decide to use this super cool hack make sure to purchase more than one slim eye pencil! It is drugstore priced at less than $5, so buying a couple is no big deal! It is so affordable!

The color is described as a soft medium brown, but it is definitely not too dark or too warm. It pairs well with all my favorite shades of pink, mauve, and peachy toned lipsticks. It is pretty long-lasting and once it starts to wear off hours later, it still leaves a shadow of color. It is the perfect contour shade for your pout.

NYX Taupe tip

Speaking of contouring, I have found it to be the perfect shade for contouring other areas-specifically my nose. It is a creamy consistency and blends so seamlessly into my foundation! I top it off with my favorite bronzor/contour powder and I’m set for the day.

Finally, I always keep a pencil in my purse for any eyebrow touch-ups I might need to make during the day. I don’t use this for my full brow routine, but it is great for filling in any sparse areas that might appear during the day!

NYX Taupe Eyeliner

Makeup hacks are so fun, right? Not only do they simplify your makeup routine, but they can save you money! Check out some of my favorite makeup products:

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Thanks so much for stopping by! If you have any makeup hacks you love, I’d love to hear about them! Share in the comments below.

As always, have a happy day!

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