Decorating Tip – Using Mirrors

I just LOVE mirrors! They really are one of the most versatile decor pieces you can use. Mirrors can be purchased almost anywhere and can fit anyone’s budget. You can use a mirror as the focal point in a room, or as additional pieces to complete a look. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve personally used when decorating with mirrors in my home.

1. Fill the Wall
-The Large Piece
Use a large mirror to take up space. If you have tall ceilings, you may want to choose to hang a larger mirror vertically. If the wall is wide or long, you can hang a large mirror horizontally instead. When I was updating our breakfast nook, I searched for a large mirror that would compliment the space and had no luck. I decided to get thrifty, headed to Walmart, and purchased two inexpensive door mirrors. Yeah, you know the kind that hang on your door but usually distort what you really look like? I added some d-rings to the back on the longer edge of the mirrors, hung them sideways, and voila! Click here to read all about our breakfast nook.

Finding the right size mirror was difficult, so I decided being innovative was the only answer.

-Smaller Add-ins
If you need to take up space, but not an entire wall, mirrors can be the perfect addition to gallery walls. Using one, several, or a variety of different mirrors, will add the perfect touch to an eclectic gallery wall layout.

I used two identical mirrors and placed them in the center of my gallery wall.

Blow you will see I used four smaller mirrors to fill this narrow wall in our dining room.

These mini quatrefoil mirrors were just what this awkward wall needed.

2. Open the Room
Adding a more substantial mirror, typically at eye level, will expand your living space. A mirror adds depth to what could be somewhat tight quarters. I love how the reflection of our large window allows for added dimension in our bedroom.

Decorating with Mirrors Master Bedroom
This large mirror was the perfect addition above our bed. Not only did it fill the wall space, it allowed the light to double, and made our room feel so much larger!

3. Brighten the Space
No matter where you add a mirror, it will always add light! This is by far my favorite reason to use mirrors as wall decor. The first thing I do every morning when I wake up is open every set of blinds that we have to let the sunlight shine into our home. Sunlight just makes me happy. Hanging a large mirror directly across from a window will double the natural light that enters the room!

Mirrors also add a little something special when they are incorporated in decor pieces that are not 100% reflective. I knew I wanted to add some type of mirrored decor to this space to reflect the light from the oversized slider we have on the opposite wall.

Wall art accented with mirrors
These pieces from Kirkland’s are accented with small rectangular mirrors.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Do you have any other ways that you like to incorporate mirrors into your home decorating? Comment and let me know! If you enjoyed this post, please share with your friends!

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