3 Steps to Actually Achieving Your Goals

I am always hearing, “Wow. You are so lucky you get to _______; I wish I could do that.” Or I will even hear, “You are so lucky you have _______.” Well, I am here today to tell you what I always wish I could reply with. I am here to say that, while I am grateful for the things in my life, and my heart is happy that you have recognized them, the truth is that I did not achieve these things by luck. No ma’am. I am also here to let you know that you can also achieve wonderful things in your very own life! I’ve spent some time thinking about what it is exactly that has gotten me where I am today and I am ready to share with you!

Hello, Goals
Find a pretty notebook (or three) to record your goals♡

Step 1: Be Positive
First things first. You have to have a positive mindset. This is much easier said than done, trust me. If anyone knows that, it is me; however, there are definitely some ways you can work toward a more positive mindset. First, you have to train yourself to focus your energy. Be grateful. Be grateful for where you currently are in life. Be grateful for who you have around you. Be grateful for waking up today! Once you are able to harness your gratitude, this next step will be easier for you. Don’t worry if this is something that is a challenge for you to master. I, too, am still working on this every day!

Step 2: Let Others’ Successes Inspire You
In the past, I sometimes found myself feeling envious of others; green with envy. Well, let me tell you, green is not the best color on me and so that rarely happens anymore! Now, don’t get me wrong. I am human and an emotional one at that; so, don’t think that I never get jealous. That would be silly! It is just a much more rare occurrence nowadays. You know why? Because instead of allowing jealousy to fill me, I am filled with happiness for others. I have allowed myself to truly feel happiness when others are happy. When I see others basking in the opportunities, situations, or things that I want for myself, I use it to fuel my desire and I start doing what I need to do to get there!

Step 3: Be Active
Um, no girl. I promise I am not telling you to go for a jog. I am suggesting that you start working toward your goal! “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” I can’t tell you who said that, but dammit they were right! Step 3 has some mini steps that are BIG in the overall scheme of reaching your goals:

  • Believe in yourself and your goal.
    Tell yourself you can attain what it is that you want and believe it will happen. You can even begin speaking like it is already something that is in your future. Using words like “when” instead of “if” are powerful. You are in control.
  • Start planning your goal.
    Do other things need to fall in place to reach your main goal? Are there mini goals that need to be met before achieving the major end goal? Let these mini goals be part of your overall goal-reaching-timeline.
  • Write it down and set a deadline!
    When you write down a goal it literally becomes visible. The goal becomes something you can see. Write your goals somewhere you will see them every day. Write them on a mirror you use daily, write them on Post-it Notes and stick them to your computer screen, in your car, on your refrigerator. Write them down in a notebook you keep or on your calendar.
  • Get to work.
    This is when you get your butt into gear and start taking these steps to achieve your goals!
Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do
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That’s all I’ve got for you. These are the things that have worked for me personally. These are the steps I take over and over again to make sure that I am always on the path to where I want to be. I can’t wait to see you begin your own journey! I am here if you have any questions or need any encouragement! I’d love to hear from you! Comment below.

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As always, thanks for stopping by, and have a happy day!

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