Dream Home Journey – Stressful Decisions

So, I am starting to understand why everyone warned me about the stresses of building. I also know these are First World problems. Please know that I am very grateful for what we have and are able to do. We’ve worked hard for it all, but it doesn’t take away the stressors.

Part of the stress, maybe most of it, is definitely the pressure of decision making. Building a new home forces you to make So. Many. Decisions. Trust me when I say that I had made all the decisions early on. Some of them were even made well before we planned to actually build. Of course, my husband is super helpful in the decision making process, but let’s face it, “happy wife, happy life.” I’ll admit, I haven’t been the happiest the last few weeks.

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately with all the decisions. Mostly because I’ve had to change some of them for one reason or another. Things don’t just fall into place the way you expect them to-sometimes not even the ones that you approved at the very beginning when you had the draftsman draw up your perfect plans or the ones you decided on with your cabinet guy because sometimes your dream kitchen ends up being overbudget. *Sigh*

One of the first decisions that I had to adjust was losing our front livingroom skylight. My heart still hurts when I think of this. I love, love, love natural light. If you have been following on {Facebook}, you’ve seen all the large windows we have in our new home. In fact, if it is an outside wall, a large percentage of it is glass.

Our large dining room window and all that natural light ♡

Still, I really wanted to make sure there was no lack of sunlight entering our home. So, we had our draftsman add a skylight. What we didn’t know until waaaay later was that the measurement of the skylight in our house plans was the size cut into the actual roof, but the size that would have to be cut into the ceiling of our living room would need to be double that. Surprise! (Insert crying emoji here)

Due to the angle of our roof, which was another tough decision earlier on, the cut into our ceiling would have been 4’x8′. That is not what I had been picturing. I mean, our plans do say 2’x4′ skylight, afterall. But 4’x8′ just isn’t practical. Having such a large cutout in the ceiling would obstruct the space of our fan/light fixture in the center of the room. It would also be super unattractive. So just like that, I had to say goodbye to one of my favorite original features of our future home. *teardrop*


Here you can see the skylight in our original plans.

There have been several scenarios similar to this over the last few months. I had to change the original color I wanted for the roof shingles. I had to decide on a cabinet in place of a custom wood hood; of course, this is something we can easily adjust in the future. Let’s see.. Oh! I had to settle for a pantry in the laundry room because where I wanted a pantry orginally wouldn’t fit. There were changed decisions on plumbing fixtures, our kitchen sink, placement of columns inside our home… I am sure I am forgetting something and I am sure there will be a few more!

Since I’ve really been focusing on the negatives lately, (and that isn’t typically my style) I thought I’d start a little Dream Home Journey spinoff highlighting some of the happier choices we have made for individual rooms or spaces in our home! Interior decorating is my very favorite, you know!

Eventually, I will link them all here in this post, but until then, keep an eye out for them linked on my {Instagram} and {Facebook Page}. Make sure to follow my social media accounts so you don’t miss out! If you have any questions or words of advice, please comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s to focusing on all the good…♡

Have a happy day,1470b4a6-80ed-4d7f-8447-05a703d24540_zpssfpm9chu.png


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