Dream Home Journey – Renting

Like all journeys in life, there are twists and turns and bumps in the road. This Dream Home Journey is no different. I don’t really know where to begin with this one. I guess I will begin with the most positive..

We closed on the sale of our home! The buyers and their agent had mentioned needing an extension on closing more than once during our negotiations, but thankfully we closed on the day that was on the contract! Closing on our house and having all that cash in hand (or in the bank, rather) means that we are sooo much closer to our dream home; however, we are currently in a state of limbo.

The waiting stages are the hardest, especially when you are waiting somewhere that is unfamiliar and uncomfortable. We are renting. After owning a home for the last 6 years, renting someone else’s home is a bit…different. Let me just say that we were very fortunate to find a home with a large 1.72acre fenced in yard for our pup.

We had a wonderful property manager that worked really hard for us to communicate a lot of our needs to the landlord of this home, and we even got the price dropped on the rent by $400. Can you believe that it was even high enough to drop that much and still be 50% more than our mortgage was!? Insanity. BUT, we can afford it and we have a roof over our heads, so we are still good.

Up until the actual day, or week, of moving, I had been super relaxed and totally feeling the emptiness and serenity of the calm before the storm. Then came moving day. In 5 trips and two pretty large utility trailers, Sean and his dad moved the majority of the boxes I had packed. I scheduled and rented a U-Haul for our larger furniture and the rest of the ridiculous amount of stuff we have for the next day. We were so fortunate to have wonderful, and I must not forget to mention strong, friends help us with the move.

Moving wasn’t exactly fun, but it was an adventure for sure!

It didn’t take long to figure out the loss of 700 square feet from our previous home to our rental was a big hit. We are very cozy here. Very. A lot of our furniture hardly made it through the front door. I mean, some of it didn’t. Our dining room table had to make it through the large picture window! I can laugh now, but I think I suffered several anxiety attacks that day. I don’t know if I was more worried for the guys hurting themselves, or our furniture suffering scratches and dings. Thankfully, everyone was super careful and nobody and nothing was hurt during the making of the video.. uh, I mean during the move.

When your furniture is too large to fit through the front door. “PIVOT!”
Phew. Stressful, but eventually all the furniture made it in safely.

It took several days to finish moving into this place. I made countless trips throughout the rest of the week to get everything from the other home to this one. No big deal, right? Except that we had unexpected visitors for the first 4 days of moving in and living here. We were constantly working around strangers. I won’t get into too much detail, but we had a pretty rough time with the home owner and his plans that did not include notifying us of visits or alterations that still needed to be taken care of- things that really should have been done long before our move-in day.

After days of attempting communication, demanding respect for our privacy and tenancy, and finally a 15 minute “I am absolutely DONE with your games and the fact that you have broken the lease agreements several times” scolding from me to the landlord, I think we are finally in a more comfortable position… except there is a serious moisture issue here. *Sigh* I am currently very thankful for the cooler, drier air that we are experiencing. It has changed the air quality in this rental for the better and I am trying really hard to focus on the fact that this is temporary. Extremely temporary.

So, there. That’s where we are at with renting. We have been here for 2 weeks and we only have about 6 months to go. We are keeping busy and doing as much as we can out and about as a family. I think we will get through it. I think.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a happy day!


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