Tip Tuesday-Faux Flowers

Honestly, I do not enjoy watering plants. You know what I dislike even more? Replacing them after they die because I cannot keep a plant alive. Thus, my love for faux foliage bloomed. Did you catch that pun?

Anyway, all jokes aside, faux flowers are a simple way to dress up your space. I have them everywhere. I think I may have artificial plants in every room of our home…

I have them in my sitting room:


I have them in my living room:


I have them in my bedroom (ok this isn’t really what I was talking about, but isn’t my brooch bouquet from my wedding beautiful?)


I have them in my guest bathroom:


I also have some in my dining room, master bath, and in our guest bedroom, but I think you got the point. Here are some reasons I think faux plants are a must-have addition to your own home decor.

Why decorate with faux flowers?

1. Budget Friendly
For the most part, I have found all of my faux flowers to be super easy on my wallet. I love finding them at places like TJ Maxx, Target, and I have even found some from the dollar store!

These are some cheapies from Dollar Tree. I placed them in an old vase I dry brushed.

2. Compliment the Space
We all have those table tops, counter spaces, or shelves that we just need a little something on. Sure, candles, picture frames, and other decor pieces work just fine, but sometimes all you need is a faux plant. I mean, they come in such a variety; you can find just about anything to compliment the space you are filling. I love adding height to a room with a taller faux flower for places like the dining room; or you can easily add softness by using a fuller, stouter artificial flower inside of a smaller shelf space.

This tall orchid adds height between this buffet and large mirror in the dining room.

3. Add Color
Faux flowers and plants are an easy way to add some color in your home, and you don’t have to worry about them ever turning brown! I love the look of a bright flower in a rather neutral colored space.


4. Comfort
Maybe this is just me? Maybe there is some science behind it. I don’t really know. What I do know is flowers make me happy. There is just something about a plant that makes me feel better inside. They also add a welcoming feel for when guests visit.

5. Holiday/Seasonal Decor
I grew up with my mom over-decorating (is there really such a thing) for every holiday. I have continued that tradition in my own home. I’ve realized that plants and flowers are a simple way to decorate for each holiday. I mean, warm toned sunflowers, and mini pumpkins are all you need for fall. Pine cones, red berries, and white tipped pine branches just scream Christmas. But away with winter, and welcome Easter with some pastel florals and you know that the warm spring weather is waiting outside.


Well, there you have it. I mean, I can probably come up with some other reasons you should use artificial flowers in your decorating routine, but these are the ones that first came to mind.

If you have your own tips you’d like to share, or any questions, or suggestions for future Tip Tuesdays, comment below. If you enjoyed this post, you can share away!

As always, have a happy week! ♡

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