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Happy Saturday, friends! The sun is just starting to set and it is so beautiful outside. We have had a very rainy summer lately, so I am really enjoying any time the sun decides to shine…even if it is when it is setting.

I wanted to share a painting technique with you today that I have been loving. In fact, I have been loving it so much I feel like I have applied it to almost everything. I am talking about drybrushing.

What is drybrushing? It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like! Drybrushing is when your paint brush is relatively dry, but it still holds some paint. I usually achieve this by dipping my brush in the paint and then wiping most of it off by sweeping the paintbrush back and forth a few times on a papertowel. That’s all you have to do! You want the slightest bit of paint left on your brush.

This technique works best when you are wanting to add a bit of another color or texture to a piece. Drybrushing can also be used to create a distressed look to furniture, vases, frames, and more. Between colors, and decor pieces, the options are infinite!

I generally drybrush with a color slightly lighter than the base color I have chosen. I love the look it creates! It adds depth and and texture because drybrushing gives the effect of a somewhat scratchy surface. Here are some of the pieces I have drybrushed lately:

This was a clear glass vase left over from a bouquet of flowers Sean bought me a while ago! I originally spray painted the vase a bronze color, but since I have been working on lightening our living spaces, I opted for a vintage blue as the base color and drybrushed with a vintage white. I sanded just a tad to let the bronze peek through.

This is our once honey-colored dresser! I used a black chalk paint as the base, and drybrushed it with a very light gray before applying a dark wax. I am slightly obsessed with the turn out!

This was one of those really inexpensive wooden craft frames from Michaels and a piece of scrapbook paper that I glued to the back. The tray under the candle was from a holiday cheese and cracker gift set. Again, I applied the vintage blue as a base for both, then used a vintage white and a light tan paint to drybrush with. I like how this little vignette came together. It is perfect for one of our cubby shelves in our entertainment center.

So as you can see, if you can paint it, you can drybrush it! I am currently working on some candle holders and I have got my eye on some other things that just need drybrushing. Go figure.

Please leave some love in the comments below, or if you have any questions, ask away!! As always, have a happy day!  photo 1470b4a6-80ed-4d7f-8447-05a703d24540_zpssfpm9chu.png

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  1. Beautiful! Love seeing your work and reading the descriptions. It’s always nice to get new ideas. I’ve refinished a few pieces of furniture. Hope to try some new painting techniques soon. Thanks for sharing.

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