Friday Favorite-Shadowbox

Happy Friday! As we have been prettying up our home, I have been falling in love with things left and right! We finally got around to painting our son’s room today. I was reminded about last week’s Friday Favorite as we painted a super cute road as a border that rounds his entire room. That tape never fails us! But that was last week’s favorite. I have a new love this week. Here she is:

Source: Ear-resistible Designs
Source: Ear-resistible Designs

I cannot stop staring at it! It was such a great find on yet another shopping adventure. (Yes, I do more than just shop in my spare time..I also decorate. Hehe). I found this beauty at Bealls Outlet. It was the final detail I needed to complete my sitting room. It is the one room in our home that is dedicated to relaxing-no electronics, just pure serene bliss. …of course that is until my son, dog, and husband bust in playing Daddy Monster!

The goal of the room is a place for me to surround myself with the (inanimate) things that make me happy. There was one corner unfinished in the room with only the empty easel. The easel was used as part of our wedding decor and held our seating chart for our reception. It is very dear to me. Since I have added it to the sitting room, I’ve needed something to fill it and when I came across this, I had to grab it. Not only was it the perfect size and color match; grays and creams frame the shadowbox, but it would also hold some very special items behind that shiny glass. Right now it holds some of our wedding photos. The inside of the shadowbox is backed with a very soft fabric covered cushion. Faux pearl tipped pins delicately hold the photos in place.

Source: Ear-resistible Designs
Source: Ear-resistible Designs

It is just perfect. This piece won my heart this week for several reasons.

What has been your favorite thing this week? You know, that one special item that makes your heart happy.. That one. I’d love to hear about your favorite, or even your thoughts on mine! Comment below.

As always, have a happy day!
 photo 1470b4a6-80ed-4d7f-8447-05a703d24540_zpssfpm9chu.png

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