Something’s Missing…or is it?!

If you have read my about me section on the blog, you have gotten to know me a bit. I think it is time that I fill you in on a little more. Alright, here it is…I have an obsessive personality. What is this, you ask? It means any time I have a new interest or idea, I am completely consumed with it until I make it, purchase it, or do it. Some say it is a good thing, some say it is bad. I guess it depends on the situation. Phew! That feels better. They say the first step is admitting it, right?

Now that I’ve filled you in, I need to tell you that I have a new obsession. Frames. Yes, I said frames; empty frames at that. Now, maybe you can totally relate to this and I need not explain further. But for those of you who think that photographs are the only things that need to be put inside of a frame, this one is for you!

No photograph? What!? Won’t it look like something is missing? Nope! You know why? Because I have found that just about anything looks great inside of a frame. When I started my collage wall, I knew I wanted to hang the letter “E” amongst the rest of the dĂ©cor. It is the initial letter of our last name and our son’s first name. It was once a plain wooden letter. Even though I had spruced it up a bit, it still needed something. So I hung an empty frame around it! That is exactly what it needed.

Source: Ear-resistible Designs
Source: Ear-resistible Designs

If that doesn’t convince you that you can put anything inside of a frame, just take a look at the photo inspiration I have found:

Photo Credit/Source: ReMadeSimple
Photo Credit/Source:

Bring the outdoors in with this framed concept! How classy do these fallen branches look? You could make a family outing of strolling through the woods gathering branches or even head out alone! What a relaxing venture that would be.

Here is another example of bringing something typically found outside and using it to pretty up your home.

Photo Credit/Source: DuctTapeAndDenim
Photo Credit/Source:

Who would have thought something like chicken wire could look so fancy?

Do you always lose your keys in the hustle and bustle of getting through the door, grocery bags (or craft store/shopping bags in my case) in hand, trying to keep the dog from running through your legs into the front yard? Oh that’s just me? Well, I usually just toss my keys somewhere and the next time I need them I cannot find them. If you have a similar type problem, try this framing craftivity as a solution:

Photo Credit/Source The Purple Carrot
Photo Credit/Source
The Purple Carrot

I love this idea and I may make this one of next week’s mini projects. We have a perfect spot near our front door for this nifty key keeper!

Ok, still not convinced? Don’t like the thought of bringing the outdoors inside, or maybe you don’t drive? Well, you probably wear jewelry! Look how you can store your necklaces using a once empty frame.

Photo Credit/Source: Lia Griffith
Photo Credit/Source:
Lia Griffith

I have found the beauty of an empty frame and I cannot stop thinking about it. I’ve got thoughts of framing everything we own floating through my head. I doubt my husband will hop on this train with me, but I am sure I could persuade him into letting me frame a few more things in our home. He’s great about giving into my current obsessions.

So next time you think something is missing, or you see an empty frame, remember all of the possibilities it has. If you decide to frame anything other than a photo, I would love to see what you have done! Comment below with your ideas; you may become someone else’s inspiration.
Have a happy day,
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  1. Love this, especially the framed branches! I wanted to do something similar for my bathroom… To go with the birds in my room 🙂 Seeing it and reading this blog is giving me the push!

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