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Happy Friday! So, we started our guest bathroom transformation today. My amazing husband painted the bathroom while I supervised and kept our three year old occupied. As much as I enjoy crafting, I do not enjoy the job of painting the walls of our house!

We’ve My husband has painted plenty of rooms in our years together and we always use that trusty old painter’s tape to achieve those sharp lines. I do enjoy applying the tape. Even though we put incredible effort into pressing down the tape, those lines are never really that sharp. A perfect example is the painted border in our son’s room. You can see the not so crisp lines here:
This type of result makes you wonder if it is you
or the tape. Not so great for one’s self-esteem (hehe).

I shutter just thinking about it! So, as we wandered the aisles of Home Depot last weekend, I suggested we use a different tape this time. I know what you’re thinking-I’m such a rebel. Our skepticism has yielded us from purchasing another brand of painter’s tape in the past. We looked at the green tape and questioned whether or not spending the extra dollar would give us a better end result. Well let me tell you, this little roll of miraculous, sticky wonder is my new favorite!

We put that green tape to the test and these are our beautiful results!

Is that not the most crisp line you have ever seen?! Welp, I’m sold. We will never buy that blue tape again. I can’t wait to use my new favorite in the craftroom. I already have several ideas for it!

What has been your experience with painter’s tape? Do you prefer one over the other? I’d love to hear your stories. Comment below!
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