Thrifty Thursday-Pretty Little Mirrors

Happy Thursday, friends! So, as unoriginal as this blog title is, I found it to be a perfect fit. If you don’t already know, I will preface this by saying we purchased our home 2 1/2 years ago. We are slowly but surely turning it into what we want. The plus side of working little by little is that I can find great deals on home decor as I browse the aisles on our weekend shopping adventures. One room that we have put off is our master bedroom. We have big plans for it, but for now it is filled with a hodge-podge of old furniture from my teen years and my husband’s. We painted the room when we first moved in. It is a pale green with a border of paint in a deeper, jungle green at the top. We despise the colors now.
This is a photo of our master bedroom with the paint colors we no longer love.
*notice the old dresser-mine from my high school days!

Anyway, back to Thrifty Thursday! A couple of weekends ago I found this super deal. How cute are these mirrors?
And when they come in a package of two,
it is kind of like a Two-for-One deal, right?!


They will be perfect for what we plan to do with the master bedroom in the coming weeks! They were originally $30, but at just over $10 for both of them at TJ Maxx, they were a steal! I love a good bargain on pretty home decor and rarely pass one up. *confessions of a shopoholic*

See some Pinterest inspiration I’ve pinned for our master bedroom here!

Come back on Thursdays to see other pieces of home decor that I come across at prices I just have to take advantage of!

Where do you love to find good deals and bargain steals? Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you!
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