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Hi! I’m Kimmie. I’m the wife of a loving and supportive husband, mother to an energetic, independent little boy, I am an intensive reading teacher, and I really, really love coffee. In my spare time (I am sure you’re wondering how I have any), I love buying home décor and updating our home. I rarely pass on a good deal. I’ll admit, sometimes I just cannot resist and I splurge, too. I’d say my decorating style is elegantly casual-with a touch of rustic farmhouse. I love the calm, cozy feel of neutrals and I always want my family and my guests to feel comfortable when they come to visit. You’ll find out a lot more about my decorating interests as you explore my blog posts!


I also enjoy crafting. I started a small side business, Ear-resistible Designs, where I design custom wreaths, wooden signs, and adorable posts to hang them on.


I hope you enjoy your time here. I have lots to write about! Make sure to head to my blog in the menu bar and share anything you love! Thanks for stopping by. Remember to come back,
and as always, have a happy day!

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